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Healthy Longevity

'Health span' is the number of years we able to access and enjoy a fulfilling, disease-free life. At Osler Wellness, we aim to guide our clients on the path to healthy longevity. Through accessing the latest science and holistic medical advise, we collaborate with individuals to optimise their health span.


We know that longevity is influenced by genetics. Studies show that about 25% of longevity differences among people are influenced by genetic contributions. These gene variants are responsible for protecting the cell against the hallmarks of aging. Although genetics sound inevitable we know there are lifestyle changes you can make today to affect your likelihood of disease.


The environment plays a key role in longevity. Environmental factors may include air quality or even altitude. There are known ‘Blue Zones’, where people live longer and have lower risks for chronic diseases. Singapore is considered a 'Blue Zone', however the environment is only one factor to longevity. The most important is your lifestyle choices.

Lifestyle choices

Most importantly, you can directly influence your health and longevity by your lifestyle choices. 80% of disease in later life is lifestyle related. The evidence is overwhelming. The Osler Wellness team promotes 'Lifestyle Medicine' - an evidence-based approach to making positive lifestyle choices based upon 6 Lifestyle pillars:

- Regular exercise
- Healthy diet 
- Reduce stress
- Positive social connections
- Restorative sleep 
- Minimise risky substances e.g. alcohol or smoking

By attending an Osler Wellness Retreat, your health will be reviewed against these pillars.

It is important to keep in mind that every person is individual, and the things that work for you will be different from the things that work for others. The best way to improve your longevity is to base your lifestyle actions on medical diagnostics. 

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