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Osler Wellness offers premium health and wellness services that are rooted in science. With a personalised approach, our holistic health services are central to preventative healthcare.

Wellness products and services brought to you by a trusted evidence-based medical team 

Nutritional supplements that provide the ultimate routines to recalibrate and empower your body from the cells up
Wellness retreats that offer you bespoke health programmes based upon individual health data
Bringing longevity medicine to Singapore through linking science with wellness expertise

Evidence-based health solutions to support physical and mental wellbeing on an individual basis.

Health Supplements

We have partnered with the team at Clinique La Prairie to bring their innovative, proprietary formula supplements to Singapore. Building on 90 years of research and clinical practice, their team of Life Science experts have identified 5 fundamental pillars of balanced holistic wellness - Immunity, Neuromodulation (stress management), Anti-inflammation, Rejuvenation and Cellular Longevity – connecting the most powerful bioactive compounds to target at a cellular level.

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Wellness Retreats

Our fully inclusive packages offer medically-led retreats that are based on individual health needs – whether for weight loss, detox, gut health, stress release or nutrition. Our retreats are small and personal, designed to help you step away from the world and reconnect with your body and mental wellbeing. You will be guided by inspiring and experienced medical professionals. 

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Healthy Longevity

Healthy Longevity is a field of medicine which tells us how to live longer and healthier. Its main goal is to not only prolong the lifespan, but also ensure we live active, productive, and healthy lives even as we age. Think about longevity around three concepts: 

  1. Extending your lifespan
  2. Expanding your health (healthspan = living longer free of diseases) 
  3. Controlling and reversing the hallmarks of aging 

Osler Wellness brings the latest longevity medicine and knowledge to Singapore, guiding you to an effective healthspan.

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