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Health Supplements

The Clinique La Prairie supplement collection is the result of 90 years of medical excellence and Life Science research, that have embraced the key pillars of holistic wellness:  immunity, rejuvenation, regeneration, antioxidation, anti-inflammation, physiological balance, mental clarity, detoxification, and vitality. 

The collection draws on the expertise of a team of specialists in various fields from nutrition, biochemistry, immunology, genetics and nutrigenomics; to design the most advanced micro-nutritional solutions to your 24/7 switched-on lifestyle. 

The ultimate longevity supplements

The following supplements are available for purchase. If you would like guidance on which supplements may be most beneficial for your needs, please contact Osler Health International. 

Please note that delivery will take 3-5 working days.

Combining the latest science and natural methodologies, Clinique La Prairie Holistic Health supplements are developed by laboratories in Switzerland to offer daily routines that benefit individuals’ metabolic, cellular and mental health.

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